Publié par : bluesexileparis | novembre 24, 2007

Maddening and turbulent few weeks – but keep right on

Well, what can we say, what can we do…….last time we spoke everyone was getting ready for Blues vs Villa, what a disappointment – truly not a game we deserved to lose, although as soon as Steve Bennett’s name is announced you know we’re playing against 12 men. 

Then Bruce leaves – with the takeover talk, delays and uncertainty it was understandable that Bruce may have felt a little uncertain of his future.  But to be poached by Wigan of all teams – they must be desperate, and to be honest I’m not too disappointed to see him go as I don’t think he had much left to offer, although all Blues fans can be grateful for what he did achieve.

I still don’t fully understand the whole situation though, as we couldn’t offer Bruce a new deal because the takeover is ongoing, but we can get a new manager? Also Bruce had 18mths left on his contract so had no reason to panic, and has only signed a 2yr deal at Wigan.  It all smells a little strange to me – maybe Brucie had good talks with Yeung as he said, but maybe Yeung didn’t offer as much cash as Dave Whelan?  I also raised an eyebrow at letting Eric Black, who has been publicly « tapped » by Wigan already and himself acknowledged that Bruce wants him there, manage the team today if he’s not committed to staying (especially as he’ll be leaving for a direct competitor)! Maybe there’s more to this story too, let’s just hope the board know what they’re doing.

We’ll just have to watch this space, will it be McLeish? Who knows, not sure who else is left in the frame as Jewell has ruled himself out – maybe we should try to get Capello if he doesn’t get the England job – and as long as we don’t get McLaren!

If it’s worth anything, from my Parisian viewpoint I’m still confident we’ve got a very good young team in the making, and just need to ride out the next few weeks and avert disaster – if we can make a good fist of the rest of the season I honestly believe we have a chance of establishing ourselves in the top flight for the long run – it’s time for a breath of fresh air at the club and a new manager could be just the tonic it needs. 

So Bluenoses just remember, at times like this when it seems the self-destruct button may have been pressed – keep right on to the end of the road – keep right on to the end.



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